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  Project Investment
LFS adopts a very specific overall analysis of specific projects that fall within its investment remit. Drawing on the expertise of its in-house professionals, LFS examines the particular investment opportunity and whether LFS can add value to the existing proposition. The next step is to quantify as best as possible the investment return and whether the project is viable, both from a management and organization perspective, as well as from a return on investment perspective. If the ROI meets the investment hurdles and can be managed within the strict timelines that LFS sets, then the project is given the green light.

LFS expertise tends to be in areas that combine payment transactions, advanced use of technology and telecom systems. In fact, LFS tends to focus on areas that are viewed as been too complex by standard investment firms as the projects do not meet standardized investment criteria as defined by most investment vehicles or commercial lenders. We take the view that if the business case makes intrinsic sense, then the project is something that LFS should and can be involved in.

  Project Research & Evaluation
LFS has no standardized research and evaluation method. Rather, each project is examined in isolation so that it can be evaluated on its individual merits. In the normal course of events, LFS is approached with a proposal which is then examined in greater detail by the company. We work with our partners and adopt a collaborative approach to working on a solution. Ultimately, we need to work with our partners as most projects require a coordinated approach which encompasses a unified strategic and financial approach. Given that LFS often works across different political jurisdictions, a culture of openness and trust are essential and a big component of any project evaluation is deciding on working partners where necessary.

LFS gets many more proposals relating to projects that it can viably manage at any one time. LFS tends to be selective on which projects it will consider and ultimately get involved with. The maximum number of projects that are ongoing at any one point in time is no more than two. This allows the company to devote resources to ensuring the success of the projects it is working on; Project overreach is something that we actively avoid.

Project research and evaluation at LFS can vary according to each particular project, but the underlying tenets are that the project has to be viable from an investment and business perspective.

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