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12 Nov 2013, Myanmar
With the latest opening of Myanmar as a new business hub, LFS started to invest in the travel business. As Myanmar's tourism industry develops, LFS sees significant growth potential for international travel and tourist operators with long-term experience in the region. As Myanmar is opening up for investment, airlines are mapping out strategic plans to cash in on the surging traffic flows for business and leisure travel. Business travel is expected to significantly increase, particularly to the commercial city Yangon, as foreign investors, businessmen and executives fly to the resource-rich nation for business opportunities.

03 Oct 2012, Netherland Antilles
In order to further assist clients in the business planning space, LFS has established a new entity in the Netherland Antilles. The new office will focus on assisting small and medium sized enterprises in their business and succession planning. Furthermore, LFS's services will fully comply with all European regulatory and tax planning, providing a viable alternative for companies who wish to retain the key advantages of succession planning and business confidentiality.

09 Jan 2011, Singapore
Lloyd's Financial Services invests in beverage licensing and distribution for the Asian market. LFS will mainly license popular and new lifestyle drinks from Europe and the Americas for distribution in Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau.

28 Feb 2010, Munich, Germany
LFS' project investment meeting took place in Munich, Germany. LFS initial investments will be allocated to two projects, namely an online banking transaction facility and a local wireless internet project.

09 Feb 2010, Hong Kong (SAR)
Lloyd's Financial Services Limited (LFS) was officially established and incorporated in Hong Kong, Asia's leading banking and financial center. LFS is a grouping of investment and industry professionals with a mandate to explore and invest in business opportunities.
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