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Founded in 2010, Lloyd's Financial Services Limited (LFS) is based in Hong Kong and provides a full range of investment and IT services to institutions, corporations and government agencies. LFS specialises in banking, licensing and IT related projects and matches investors with specific projects. Availing of a wide range of industry specialists, LFS offers advisory services on banking security features/anti-fraud measures, telecom and IT related issues.

The people behind LFS have a long history of working on projects that are neither easy to define nor easy to solve. Given that there is usually a cross section of requirements and a knowledge of the arcane and complex, our professional knowledge in the fields that we work within is critical. Apart from the requisite financial and managerial requirements, the real value add is in the knowledge of systems processes and functionality. By this, we mean our ability to take what seems a complex project, drill down into the key drivers and emerge with a strategy that is both logical and profitable.

Given the above, LFS tends to focus our abilities on those projects that combine the archaic and complex world of payment systems and transactions and cross-border financial settlements together with technology solutions that are developed and deployed in-house.

All the projects LFS is involved with have a set of defined deliverables as well as a minimum ROI hurdle set by the investors. LFS will consider all projects in our area of speciality in either an advisory or investment capacity.

For more information, please contact our head office in Hong Kong.
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