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Founded in 2010, Lloyd's Financial Services Limited (LFS) is based in Hong Kong and provides a full range of investment and IT services to institutions, corporations and government agencies. LFS specialises in banking and IT related projects and matches investors with specific projects. Availing of a wide range of industry specialists, LFS offers advisory services on banking security features/anti-fraud measures, telecom and IT related issues.
Project Investment

LFS adopts a very specific overall analysis of specific projects that fall within its investment remit. Drawing on the expertise of its in-house professionals, LFS examines the particular investment opportunity and whether LFS can add value to the existing proposition.
Project Research & Evaluation

LFS has no standardized research and evaluation method. Rather, each project is examined in isolation so that it can be evaluated on its individual merits. In the normal course of events, LFS is approached with a proposal which is then examined in greater detail by the company.
Recent News
12 Nov 2013, Myanmar
With the newly opening of Myanmar, LFS startet to invest in the travel industry.
03 Oct 2012, Netherland Antilles
In order to further assist clients in the business planning space, LFS has established a new entity in the Netherland Antilles.
09 Jan 2011, Singapore
Lloyd's Financial Services invests in beverage licensing and distribution for the Asian market.
28 Feb 2010, Munich, Germany
LFS' project investment meeting took place in Munich, Germany. LFS initial investments will be allocated to two projects, namely an online banking transaction facility and a local wireless internet project.

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